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Reinventing Financial Spreading with AI

Reinventing Financial Spreading with AI

AI-powered automation frameworks help reduce manual intervention, improve accuracy

Financial spreading is the process of presenting financial information at a granular level to aid strategic functions. Currently, financial spreading is predominantly manual or at best a semi-manual exercise. Manual processes demand skilled resources and are expensive and error-prone which means that the analyses and inferences may not be reliable. This could compromise the quality of strategic business decisions underscoring the need for a higher degree of spread accuracy, which is where automation comes in. However, diverse technology stacks and non-standardized formats mean that conventional automation may not work. This paves the way for the adoption of an AI-powered financial spreading automation framework underpinned by natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA), and machine learning (ML). With an AI-powered framework, banks can:

  • Improve the quality of credit decisions and investment advice
  • Achieve greater business agility
  • Improve credit risk management

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