Since 2007, the personnel of today’s CloudBig Data have been developing services and products to achieve leak-free critical path asset utilization. At the heart of our business is the continuous combination of technology, application expertise and skilled, experienced personnel.

Values & Ethics

CloudBig Data believes sustainability is vital to our success. Our internal performance and client satisfaction depend on how we provide for people and the environment, conduct our business affairs, employing the highest standards of personal and corporate conduct.

OUR Mission

Create and deliver business and technology solutions which are most suitable to the businesses and requirements and drive the results to success and make the business to have a sustainable growth. We enables our clients to transform their business and improve performance.


Manufacturing & Services
Financial Services

Work is a central part of our lives. CloudBig Data is committed to partnering with all employees to ensure that each of us feels valued and supported to make meaningful contributions that ensure our success as a company.

What our clients say

CloudBig Data did a great job drilling the studs out on the compressor that another company said they couldn’t perform. Your guys ended up drilling them out upside down, no one else thought of that as an option.

T/A Lead Planner

Due to your recommendations for a 7 year leaking exchanger, we are happy to report it is leak free to date.

Mechanical Integrity Engineer

With an added 123 flanges to the work scope, the CloudBig Data crew knocked them all out safely and diligently, without needing to add extra manpower.

T/A Planning Superintendent