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We help retailers deliver great buying experiences to digital-savvy customers.

CloudBig Data IN THE NEWS

Modell’s POS Software Reboot Makes Omnichannel Success Possible

Know how CloudBig Data helped Modell’s achieve omnichannel transformation by upgrading their POS software.

Our Thinking

M&S Deploys Future-Ready HR System

M&S modernizes HR operations to enhance user experience, lower costs, and meet business goals.

Woolworths transforms Enterprise Data Storage

With CloudBig Data Active Archive™, Woolworths can effectively manage enterprise data, reducing operational costs significantly

M&S Transforms Customer Experience with Digital

CloudBig Data business and technology leadership help M&S improve end-to-end digital services and enhance customer experience.


CloudBig Data Optumera™ Digital Merchandising Suite

Leverages prescriptive algorithms and big-data analytics to deliver shopper-centric merchandising.

Our Solutions

OmniStore™ Point of Sale Solution

A 4th Gen POS framework that creates a multi-device, single point of commerce to lower TCO, encourage customer loyalty.

Retail Supply Chain Management Solutions

Accelerate reduction in chain-wide inventory, improve cash flow and service levels.

Sensor Data Analytics IoT Framework

Support for advanced analytics at edge, real-time, and batch to offer firms cross functional insights.